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Ty Tanglwyst Dairy

This pioneering dairy farm produces, pasteurises and bottles over 700,000 litres of fresh milk a year from their farm near Bridgend in South Wales.

Available through shops, wholesale and delivered direct to the doorsteps of residents within 5 miles of the farm via a fleet of milk floats. Ty Tanglwyst milk is always competitively priced. This inclusive pricing means that the benefits of local production and consumption are shared by the farm, its staff and consumers throughout the community.

Key business benefits

  • Shorter lead time: on site processing means milk gets to customers earlier staying fresh for longer
  • Saving money: all milk is sold locally reducing unnecessary transport
  • Zero waste: on site biomass and recycling eliminates waste to landfill
  • Inclusive pricing: all milk is competitively priced ensuring customer loyalty and sustaining a livelihood in a struggling industry
  • Local economy: consumer spending stays in the community for the benefit of the community