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Towards Zero Waste - Food Manufacturing, Service & Retail
Sector Plan

The Welsh Government is developing a plan to make it easier for businesses in food manufacturing, service and retail sectors to deal with food and packaging waste. The plan outlines practical activities that businesses in these sectors can do to meet waste prevention and recycling targets set out in Towards Zero Waste – the Welsh Government's new waste strategy for Wales.

Ecostudio was commissioned by the Welsh Government to support policy makers to develop this plan. Our role was to ensure it:

  • meets the commercial and practical needs of indigenous business - particularly SMEs;
  • is aligned with EU policy objectives for food security and supply chain resilience, and;
  • has synergy with Welsh Government strategies for food and sustainable development.

This work was done in collaboration with stakeholders including the British Retail Consortium, The Co-operative, Food and drink federation, Castell Howell, Really Welsh, WRAP and Welsh Government officials from Food, Tourism, Sustainable Development and Waste Strategy.

Public consultation is now closed and the plan can be viewed here: http://wales.gov.uk/consultations/environment...

This plan is being used to inform the work of Welsh Government nominated support agencies including WRAP Cymru and Ecodesign Centre Wales.

Towards Zero Waste - Food Manufacturing, Service & Retail Sector Plan